Saturday, 16 February 2013


Yesterday after going to the Milnerton Market I wanted to make a quick stop at Builder's Warehouse for some supplies to fix some of the things I just bought. So I'm just wondering round the store minding my own business when a Man with a Microphone asks me if I wanna take part in a Trolley Dash... Of course!! Pictures of The Reggies Rush ran trough my head, this has been a life long dream!!
They handed me a trolley and Orange hardhat. In the trolley there was a piece of paper with with 5 items on it that I will have to find.
I ran trough the store as quick as possible (like I've been practicing in my head all these years) The store assistants were amazing helping me everywhere they could and I quickly go all 5 Items from across the store.
I ran back to the start and to my surprise I was the first of of the 3 contestants to make it back.. WHOOOHHOOOO!!

Here is the hamper full of random things I won...

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