Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I have a few old jerseys that I don't really wear anymore so I decided to give one of them a new look.
I cut the body of the jersey from armpit to armpit and sewed the edge that I cut to stop it from unraveling.
Easy as pie!!

Sunday, 21 April 2013


I bought these in Gansbaai last weekend for 50c each. So... some of us have a few of these at home and eating from them kind of creeps me out. I prefer the plastic, more hygienic kind. I felt like I needed to come up with a better use for these guys, and here is what I created:

Firstly I decided to spray paint the one side white, just to disguise them slightly.

I then used cable ties to connect the paper plate holders. Each paper plate holder is tied to 5 other holders.

I used 12 holders in total, but you could use more it you wanted it to be much larger.
I then just hung the ball of holders from a existing lighting point in the room and voila...

I took about 30 minutes to make excluding the time it took for the paint to dry. And only cost me a few cable ties and some spray paint (optional).

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Weekends in South Africa, esp Cape Town should always be an adventure. There are so many exciting places to visit just around the corner. This weekend we went to our holiday home in Pearly Beach (about 2½ hours from Cape Town). The Saturday morning early the boys went Kitesurfing in Struisbaai so us girls had the morning for ourselves. Ok.. so not much happens in Pearly Beach so we decided to go shopping in Gansbaai (about 15km from Pearly Beach)And what a treat!!

Our first stop was at Pieter Deon Interiors and I immediately fell in love! It is situated on the righthand side of the road as you enter the town from the Pearly beach side. This place has the most amazing things, from the d├ęcor items to the lazer cut shapes… I wish I had space to buy it all!!

Just across the road from there is the 2nd hand goods store. Here you can find ANYTHING. Old washing machines, secondhand furniture and even old asbestos heaters (when last did you see one of those) I ended up buying a stack of paper plate holders. No not to put paper plates in, but you’ll just have to wait and see what they become…

The next stop was about mid way through the main road, Tiekie Draai. These are 2 second hand goods stores next to each other. And once again you can find ANYTHING here, and it feels like the shop is a never ending maize of rooms full of old things. The good here are much cheaper than at the 2nd hand goods store. Room after room we were amazed. 

We got completely carried away and before long the guys called to say they are waiting in front of the house and where are we. So made a quick stop in 2 more stores but had to rush back.. There is so much to more discover in this old fishing village than I could have imagined. Gansbaai I’ll be back!

My Treasures:

Monday, 15 April 2013


I’ve had my close group of friends ever since I can remember and we've never been the quiet type. When I was invited for supper last week I was expecting the evening to end up in a food fight like the last time we had supper at her place. But was I surprised. She made a fire, set the table and even made an amazing starter. I was soooo inspired by this starter I decided to make it myself this weekend.

I took 3 whole camembert cheeses and placed them on a oven proof dish.
The first I topped with as many almonds as would fit on it and drizzled it with honey
The second I topped with Cranberries and Pecan nuts.
The third cheese I stuck rosemary in and topped with finely chopped garlic and drizzled some olive oil over it.

I baked it at 180degree until it looked done.

Let it cool a bit and serve it with crackers. Not only does it look super fancy but it tastes amazing!!

Friday, 5 April 2013


We all seem to have old technology lying around the house with no purpose anymore, but we don't have the heart to throw away for what ever reason.I found this old keyboard and decided to reuse it in a different way.

I took the keyboard apart by taking out all the screws.

After that keys pop out quite easily.

I bought this A4 Magnetic sheet with a self adhesive side and cut it up into the size I needed.

The Adhesive side of the Magnetic sheet was unfortunately not strong enough to hold it, so I had to bring in some reinforcements... more glue.

And here is the outcome...