Monday, 15 April 2013


I’ve had my close group of friends ever since I can remember and we've never been the quiet type. When I was invited for supper last week I was expecting the evening to end up in a food fight like the last time we had supper at her place. But was I surprised. She made a fire, set the table and even made an amazing starter. I was soooo inspired by this starter I decided to make it myself this weekend.

I took 3 whole camembert cheeses and placed them on a oven proof dish.
The first I topped with as many almonds as would fit on it and drizzled it with honey
The second I topped with Cranberries and Pecan nuts.
The third cheese I stuck rosemary in and topped with finely chopped garlic and drizzled some olive oil over it.

I baked it at 180degree until it looked done.

Let it cool a bit and serve it with crackers. Not only does it look super fancy but it tastes amazing!!

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