Monday, 13 May 2013


Another amazing weekend in the much loved Struisbaai. I've been coming here for Summer holidays since 2006. Over summer holidays this sleepy Town becomes incredibly busy, even buying a loaf of bread becomes a hassle with all the people around. But, the rest of the year it is just perfect for a quiet weekend away to unwind and get your thoughts in order.

So of coarse I had to stop buy some of the stores for some shopping while I was there, how else? One of my favorite shops in the whole world, South Bound, is situated in the ironically tiny “Struisbaai Mall”. The owner of the store definitely has incredible taste and I always find myself wanting to take home half of the store. This time I held back and just bought a Mothersday gift for the most incredible mom in the world! But it was tough.

Next to south Bound is a little craft store which I find very useful each time I’m in town. I always have something I want to make and this place stocks all the crafting necessities. 

In this Mall there is also a nursery and Hardware store, but I didn't need anything from there this time round.

Around the corner the are also a few treasures. Gifts & Gold has beautiful Jewelry,  clothes and a few other random gifts. You can just imagine how crowded this place is in December with some last minute Christmas shopping, oh the joys of summer holidays!

What would a coastaltown be without a Shellshop... sigh... Like the name says it’s a shop full of shells, and icecream.. and.. ok a whole lot of other random thigs!

Oh what a weekend , full of family, the ocean, board games, reading, sleeping  more sleeping. Just what the doctor ordered!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I'm not sure about you, but when it comes to cooking I'm very old fashioned. I love to have a hard copy of what I'm cooking in front of me! But all the hard copies needs a home to live in as they quickly become a messy stack of paper.

A Recipe book is a very personal thing to own. I have hand written recipes from even my Grandmother that she wrote while she was still alive so my recipe book becomes a book full of good memories that needs to be kept safe and cherished.

I decided on 6 headings for my file: snacks, starters, mains, sides, puddings and a heading called "must try" for all of those recipes you tear out of magazines and still need to try before it gets your stamp of approval.

I bought 6 colorful and happy scrap booking pages which I measured and cut to be able to fit my 6 headings in perfectly. I then cut the headings out and stuck in the correct positions. I covered only the label part in sellotape to protect it from my messy hands while I'm busy in the kitchen.

Next I punched holes and added into the file. I also created a recipe book page that I can just fill in, or have someone fill in for me to add to the file. You can download it here for free.

Friday, 3 May 2013


While browsing around at the Milnerton Market... my eyes drifting over all the crazy things people try to sell... I saw this little guy. From the first moment our eyes met I knew he had to be mine. It took a bit of bargaining, but he came home with me and that's all that matters. His frame was a little.. no actually very kitsch so I surgically removed it... then a coat of white spray paint as per usual and TADA!

Slowly but surely my wall full of frames is coming together...