Tuesday, 3 September 2013


About 5 years ago I had a friend that moved to South Africa from Germany, she couldn't stop talking about this home wear store called Ikea. This store was apparently not only low cost, but it has modern home accessories and furniture, like we have never seen before… wow… I needed to see this store!! At the beginning of this year I went to Indonesia and organised a stop over in Singapore for a few days. As strange as this may sound, I did a bit of research before hand and found out exactly where their Ikea is, because I HAD to see this store. And so I did...

And I was not disappointed! While strolling through all the furniture settings I was on the verge of tears. I  could not believe I was looking at all these beautiful things that I will never be able to have (my bag was already full of all the shopping in Indonesia). To all the people in America and Europe that has access to Ikea, count your blessings..  

After I returned I found out about a South African based company that imports Ikea products, Nevada Furniture. I went on their website and followed all the instructions and quickly made a shopping list. They were incredibly fast to send me the quote and I accepted. Ok... it did take time to get to South Africa (about a month and a half) but it was worth the wait.

I have a shelf in my bedroom which is always a mess, so I needed boxes to store all those annoying loose items. I couldn't find the correct sizing or design in South Africa and was just to excited to when it even worked out cheaper to import it.

When the items arrived in Cape Town I could easily go pick it up from their offices where they also have a showroom for those who would like to go have a look. I highly recommend Nevada Furniture, what a pleasure doing business with you!!

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