Thursday, 31 October 2013


Ever since I have been a little girl dress up parties always gets me very excited. There is just something sooo exciting and happy about a dress up party. And I get to let out some creativity in the process. I need at least a week to plan and get my outfit ready. One of my all-time favorite outfits was when I made these 2 Lego heads a few years ago for a Halloween party.

I started by molding the top and bottom of the heads over plastic containers by using paper mache. Once  I finished this process (that took a week of layering every morning and evening) I added the stud on top of 1 of the halves of a head and covered it in a layer of paper mache.

I also cut a hole in the bottom half of the head big enough to fit my head through. The two halves where then attached to each other with a piece of cardboard and also covered it in a layer of paper mache so that the surface would smooth and that you would not be able to see joint between the top half, the cardboard and the bottom half . We googled all the dimensions of a Lego head in order to get the ratios to be precise for the heads to look as authentic as possible.  Find this image here:

We then spray painted it yellow, which didn't work as the yellow spray paint wouldn't cover the script on the newspaper. We then sprayed them white and retried the yellow… and tada!!

 We drew the detailing with permanent marker and stuck a piece of fabric on the inside for the mouth and eyes that we could still see through it.

What a night it was!! Although we were surprised by the amount of people who didn't realize we were Lego… Packman? Spondge bob? Really? Really? 

Definitely worth all the effort! Happy Halloween everyone!!

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