Sunday, 3 August 2014


Through the years I've had a few projects that required paint samples from the hardware store. These little card have becoming more & more over the years & I have been itching to make something out of them for a while. There are so many great ideas for what to do with paint samples all over the internet.

As I have mentioned before I have a complete obsession with maps.... I have needed a world map in my apartment for a while. I started by finding a simple outline image of the world on the internet.

I uploaded it into Block Poster. This website is incredible it has endless possibilities, if you have some time go have a look. This site takes your image you upload & enlarges it to the size you specify & then you download a pdf document in A4 pages of your image to easily print on your printer at home. You then just glue the pieces together and you have a poster the size you require.

I just used the poster as my base to work from.

I cut out each of the continents & started covering them with the paint sample cuttings, here is a time-lapse I made of me assembling Africa…

When it was all done I put it up on my wall above my couch… When making something like this you can decide if you want to use specify colors or like I did completely multi colored.

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