Monday, 12 January 2015


Wooden Chopping boards.. got to love them! Yes plastic boards are great because they can go in the dishwasher, but it will never have the warmth and heart that a wooden chopping board has. I have a few in my kitchen and decided to give one of them a face lift.

First I drew the image I wanted onto the board, it took a couple of tries to get the image I wanted, but the pencil easily wipes off. 

Next I burnt the image into the board with a soldering iron. The Iron gets extremely hot, so be very careful not to burn yourself. 

Easy Peazy! You can also use this idea to personalize gifts. Think I'm definitely going to do this more often for birthday gifts this year! What would you use this technique for? 

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  1. These bamboo cutting boards are amply sized and work beautifully. The woods aren’t rough and taken to splintering like many cutting boards are, and they wipe clean nicely. I was surprised that they are thin for wooden cutting boards, but they work very well and are extremely sturdy….